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Lemonn & Leaf

Hi there!!! We're Lemonn and Leaf, both Brazilian creators, both neurodivergent! Here are some of the things we do as comic artists in a daily basis, and how our divergence affects us.

Autism and ADHD!

For those who don't know Lanne has been diagnosed with Autism, and I've been diagnosed with ADHD, we both work together very well besides our differences.

We’ve met six years ago studying game dev and animation. Our first project was a comic called “Reinterpretation” and it was made during the pandemic. We tried to win a challenge on Webtoon with a one-month deadline and we ended up with a pretty interesting investigation story in such a short period of time. Thank you hyperfocus.

Professional Experience


Devil's Contract |  2021  |  Artists: May & Lanne | Writer: Lanne

The After Wedding |  2023 | Artist: May | Writer: Lanne

Holy Ass | 2023  | Artist: May | Writer: Lanne

Ronelyn's Intro | 2020 | Artists: Lanne and May

Tiny Comics | Favorite Dish | Most Complicated Thing | 2021 & 2023


Big Projects like book covers, character designs and others will be linked here.

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